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Established in 2008, the company has a rich experience in the domestic as well as national Industry. Having added value to a number of projects across the North East. Clairvoyance Technologies is certainly high on experience. Its experience is not only in terms of the numbers of years and clients, but also their diversity. Having added value to businesses across verticals and sectors, Clairvoyance Technologies brings close understanding of a diverse set of industries and their associated challenges. Thus, experts from Clairvoyance Technologies are able to quickly grasp the finer nuances and deliver solutions which precisely address the requirements, thus delivering systematically devised solutions which prove to be highly valuable in practical terms also.


Working out of multiple development centres and marketing offices across North East, trained and experience professionals who form the Clairvoyance Technologies team serve as the most important and robust Infrastructural elements for the company. At the same time, state-of-the-art equipment and access to cutting edge technologies lends us a unique edge over our competitors. Partnerships with global leaders further allow Clairvoyance Technologies to access resources which remain unmatched in the industry. Clairvoyance Technologies respects the intellectual property rights of its customers and has hence setup systems to ensure that privacy is maintained in its dealings with them. Working with complete transparency and maintaining clear and quick communications,Clairvoyance Technologies has deployed advanced security tools to ensure its customers experience complete peace of mind as they experience completely dependable solutions. The success at Clairvoyance Technologies is backed by able resources, which results in a strong performance not just in the present, but also in the anticipated future. Service Level Customer Service assumes the highest importance at Clairvoyance Technologies. We deploy a knowledgeable and locally situated support staff which can be reached quickly through multiple channels including toll free numbers, email and the web. Thus, it is ensured that our customers receive prompt, friendly and professional support at all times. Also, a work environment which places high importance on the customer results in a work force which is ready to rise above roles when it comes to delivering customer satisfaction. Along with delivering exceptional quality in solutions which are aligned to the business objectives of its customers, Clairvoyance Technologies differentiates itself by delivering these solutions as per agreed timelines and cost budgets. Especially significant in an Industry which registers high rates of project failure on account of delays and budget overruns, this lends a unique peace of mind and a sense of assurance to the Clairvoyance Technologies customers who can focus at the core operations of their businesses without having to worry about the expectations from Clairvoyance Technologies.

Best Practices

Drawing from the experience and expertise of its global partners and its rich experience across industry verticals, Clairvoyance Technologies has evolved to acquire a set of best practices which lead to efficiency and effectiveness in both its internal operations and stakeholder experiences.

Project Management

Our certified and experienced project managers bring the most modern and proven project management techniques to our assignments, ensuring that the project durations and costs remain well within the agreed limits without any compromise on quality.

Risk Management

A project failure rate close to 50% in IT Industry calls for stringent risk management. Appreciating the risks involved in every project, we have adopted proven techniques in identifying, tracking and mitigating risks that can become a major constraint in the success of the project.

Lifecycle Planning

Realizing the impact of our projects on the bottom lines of our customers, Clairvoyance Technologies follows a well defined project lifecycle of Planning, Execution, Implementation and Review. Using lifecycle planning, we are successfully able to carry out our projects under highly controlled and traceable conditions.

Configuration Management

Clairvoyance Technologies deploys robust configuration management tools to track and control changes in our products on an ongoing basis. A source of great efficiency, this practice has been inculcated in the culture at Daffodil since an early stage.

Resource Optimization

Adept at quickly and efficiently allocating the human resource, IT infrastructure and other types of resources, Clairvoyance Technologies project managers maintain a close watch on these resources so as to meet any sudden requirements by perting resources between projects.

Optimal Scheduling

An important part of our project management strategy is setting the time frame for undertaking the various tasks which form the project. Guided by an implementation schedule, the project plan is executed in a controlled and monitored manner, thus leading to higher efficiencies and success rates.

Back-up/Recovery Management

Effective recovery management capabilities help us reduce administrative costs, make faster and smarter decisions, and improve quality of service for our customers. Taking into account the complex challenges which present themselves, these measures protect data from accidental or malicious loss, and ensure timely recovery.

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