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Dikhu Hydro Electric Power plant

CTPL is proud to be partner with Manu Energy Pvt. Ltd. and working on 186 MW Hydro Project. It is situated in Longleng District of Nagaland. It is biggest Hydro Electric Project in Nagaland. 

Project Background

  • Dikhu Hydro Electric Project is situated on Dikhu river  of Nagaland
  • The project is part of 50,000 MW electric initiative undertaken by Government of India under aegis of Ministry of Power.
  • This project is envisaged as a storage scheme with a moderate sized reservoir to absorb excess water in the reservoir during the monsoon and to utilise the inflow of the river and the live storage for peaking during the lean season.
  • It envisages gravity Dam downstream of the confluence of river Yangnyu with Dikhu river near village Tamlu.
  • The dam site is located at longitude 94° 46’ 59.4” E and latitude 26° 39’ 29.3” N. Presently the dam can be approached from village Tamlu (which is 19kms from the dam) on foot track.
  • The 186MW power from the Dikhu HE project is proposed to be evacuated through 220KV double circuit lines to Moriani Grid Station for the onward transmission to National Grid.
  • CWC has prepared DPR for multipurpose Project having 120 MW Power and irrigation for about 30,000 Hectares.
  • NEEPCO has prepared PFR for standalone Power Project 140 MW for the same location.
  • Manu Energy Systems (MES) is floated by a reputed Group having rich Experience in Infrastructure Projects not limited to Power Projects
  • MES has entered into Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Government of Nagaland (GON) to build the 186 MW Dikhu Hydro-Electric Project
  • An SPV with 76% stake held by MES to be floated with the rest of the stake to be held by GON
  • The funds for stake of GON will be arranged by MES in lieu of 12% of the free power entitled to GON
  • The project is surrounded by 16 villages namely
    • Longleng District ==> 1.Bura Namsang Village, 2.Tamlu, 3.Kanching, 4.Tangha, 5.Yongyah, 6.Yongshei, 7.Nian, 8.Yachem
    • Mon District ==> 1.Wanching, 2.Chingphoi, 3.Chinglong, 4.Chingtang, 5.Aopao
    • Mokokchung District ==> 1.Changtongyaold, 2. Yaongyimsen, 3.Merangkong
  • The cost of the Hydro Electric Project to be INR 14000 Million which is to be financed by debt and equity in the ratio of 70:30
  • The cost per MW installed is estimated to be INR 75 Million
  • Land for the project will be provided by GON for a nominal lease rent
  • Power evacuation infrastructure to be provided by GON
  • Construction period shall be only for 5 years.
  • Tariff has been worked out with 70:30 debt equity ratio and 16% return of equity

Project Highlights

  • It is a dam based project. Hence there are not many uncertainties in the execution of the project
  • The project can be utilised as a peak load power generation Station
  • Land required for the project will be identified and assessed by MES and the said land will be transferred by the GON on lease basis
  • Power from this project is proposed to be evacuated through 220KV double circuit line to power grid station for onwards transmission to National Grid. However GON, Ministry of power ,Power Grid Corpn & Central Electricity Authority(CEA) has entered into an (AGREEMENT) for the development of the evacuation system It is on boot basis for 40 years with renewal clause
  • MES is having a first right of refusal for any projects that is going to be envisaged on the downstream/ upstream of Dikhu River.
  • Dikhu Project is most suitable for Peak power Generation. Hence the Project is capable to regulate the power & supply to the consumer at any time round the clock.
  • The place is blessed with early monsoon which enables to supply Power when other part of Country is reeling under Power shortage.
  • Most of the Construction material is available at the vicinity of the Project.
  • The Project is having the Best approach.

The Govt. has already started developing infrastructure like Roads, Transmission Lines etc.

Automatic Meter Reading

Automatic meter reading, or AMR, is the technology of automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, and status data from energy metering devices and transferring that data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analysing. This technology mainly saves utility providers the expense of periodic trips to each physical location to read a meter. Another advantage is that billing can be based on near real-time consumption rather than on estimates based on past or predicted consumption. This timely information coupled with analysis can help both utility providers and customers’ better control the use and production of electric energy consumption.
CTPL has in-depth expertise on a comprehensive innovative technology oriented solutions on the new type Automated Meter Reading (AMR) for taking readings of energy meters automatically without using field manpower. It works with GSM based cards with Real Time Reading and Monitoring feature; Where Department can generate the required reports of these meters.

Some Salient Features:

  • Manpower not required for collecting readings, and no chance of errors.
  • Pre-paid system will help Dept. to generate revenue.
  • Tampering of meter is not possible and power theft will be eliminated.
  • Loss of power at various stages can be detected and necessary steps can be taken.
  • Accurate estimation of Line Loss (Technical & Commercial)
  • Automatic bill generation & E-billing / Payment facilities
  • Remote Connect / Disconnection of Power Supply
  • Retro-fitment, Instant Alert messages in case of Meter tamper
  • Guaranteed, Secured Periodic (30 Minute’s) Data Transfer using GPRS
  • Supports Prepaid / Post-paid Payment Scheme’s

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