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Services : Website Designing and Hosting

We are the professional web application, software & designing service Provider Company. Internet marketing is a vast competitive area and we are into the market to equip you with the strongest application, software & designing weapons to beat the globe with our affordable web application, software & designing services.  CTPL being a professional web application, software & designing company, offers you a bunch of talented developers & designers to turn your dreams into reality thereby meeting our primary goal that is, 'Your Total Gratification'. Good and affordable web application, software & designing services are the dual keys of success in online business and we believe that Our sincere effort is to assist you achieve your goals.

Business Websites

Website Designing doesn't have to be hard. We have assisted thousands of businesses to create or update a website customized to their requirements.  You get more than just a website with our services. You can update your website content easily, take credit card payments online, and use lots of tools like poll managers, news managers, photo galleries, and form builders.
Whether you're after an online store or a site that showcases your business, our web design services give you control over your site with no technical skills needed. Manage web content yourself or take payments online through PayPal - it's easy! 
Web design differs completely from web development, which is more technical and deals with issues concerning the web site dynamics, validations and constraints. The principle of web site design further involves conception and collection of web pages that in turn, collectively are known as a single entity, a web site. Web pages are usually the basic content and design holders for the entire web site.
If your purpose is to design a web page that is a profile type web page that will be used primarily as an informational web page for friends and family then the best web page design is something that allows you to customize the text and layout of the web page. You will also want to put photos on your web page. This type of web page design can be accomplished with just about any type of web page design program.
The first step in your searching for a reliable web design company is to check the company's reputation. Simply make a survey or ask around in your local community as well as perform an online research to check if there's any negative comments about the web design company shall be fruitful. In addition, how long the web design company has been in business shall be taken into consideration.

Flash Based Solutions

Clairvoyance Technologies has a longstanding experience in creating top quality products which vary from simple Flash animation presentations, website, banners, Flash animated logo design, Flash logo design and Intro pages up to complete sophisticated Flash web site design and E-Learning services. Adding flash and multimedia features to your website will definitely make it more attractive and unique. Whether it's a flash intro, a web presentation, flash animation or Flash multimedia, it provides you with a way to add dynamics to your website and make it more attract to your business. Our interactive media solutions are simple to use yet stylish and according to your corporate brand image.
We offer low cost flash Website designing, flash intros and corporate flash presentations. Clairvoyance Technologies offers Flash based websites with excellent animation effects. We offer you high quality flash presentations and animations with amazing sound effects, customized backgrounds and props to support the animated scenes. 
Keeping the fact that we are mainly interested in your satisfaction we provide you the designing of websites with flash that are custom made and we strictly avoid built in flash templates.
Designing using flash is an easy job with us as Clairvoyance Technologies is accumulated with experts and talented employees who deal with every issues regarding flash solutions.
The major issue that we take into consideration while employing flash file in to the websites are:
The flash file size: Greater file size takes more time to get loaded. We optimize the size of the flash file in such a way that within a blink it gets loaded that can help you to get more visitors in your site.

Our work reflects our excellence in this arena. We believe in quality work that is achieved by the group of experts that we possesses which in turn help in building long tern business relationship with our clients

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

While designing any website the main concern is the optimization of the website according to the search engine. Optimization of the website is required so that the search engine crawler can crawl the website. If you are in online business, search engine friendly SEO website designing is important. As, in online trading, getting quality traffic in the website is the major concern. To get the traffic in the website, it is necessary to appear on the top in the search engine result page. For achieving that place it is needed to get crawled by the search engine and for that, optimization of the websites is required according to the search engine.
While designing a search engine friendly SEO website, our web design experts performs some unique techniques. They make sure that they use less flash files as search engine crawler can only read the text and not the graphic files. Generally search engine friendly SEO website designing does not implement the usage of images. But we at SEO web design company, Clairvoyance Technologies make use of images to increase the attractiveness and use alternate texts so that the pages could be crawled easily. Our web designer experts optimize the size of the flash file and also use text underneath of the flash file so that it could get crawled by the search engine.
When you are dealing with the online business, search engine optimization (SEO) becomes the greatest considerable factor. Where search engine is the largest medium through which you can promote your business and can get high volume of traffic, therefore SEO friendliness has to be considered. To make the website search engine friendly, website designing plays the most important role. If the starting would be good then only the business will excel. Search engine friendliness should be achieved stating with the designing and we at Clairvoyance Technologies being a SEO web design company, will help you in acquiring that.
We at Clairvoyance Technologies understand your business' needs and requirements and thereby design the websites in a way that your website can achieve the search engine friendliness and can gather a huge traffic for your online business. Our web designer team is talented enough to implement all these strategies while designing websites for you. If you are in need of the SEO web design service then do contact us. Maintenance Services After Software application or a software product is developed, no matter who developed it or where it was developed, when in use it becomes an essential part of a client’s business. It is vital that the software system be efficiently maintained and related issues quickly resolved. The applications must remain functional and ready to address and support new opportunities and business needs.
Clairvoyance Technologies technical analysts are trained in software support and maintenance as well as in analysing the problem and taking a focused and structured approach to solving critical and time sensitive issues. Minimizing Software down-time is the main purpose of software maintenance procedures. CTPL’s software experts maintain very high average availability of software applications; this translates to less downtime per year for maintenance procedures and other issues. Regular maintenance procedures expenses are decreased through:

  • Our experience in up to date programming technologies and products
  • Recommendations for software improvement, including calculations of upgrade costs and outcome
  • Selection of the most effective software monitoring tools for the current software solution
  • Optimization of maintenance methods for the specific software solution
  • Environment configuration
  • Software solution deployment
  • Daily: software system status
  • Daily: backup status check and analysis of software logs and resource usage trends
  • Daily: critical security patches and upgrades

Clairvoyance Technologies provides its customers with full-cycle services from analysis and development to support and maintenance. We assume complete responsibility for the developed software solution and provide reliable software support and maintenance infrastructure for our customers’ mission critical software applications. Web Server Setup Generally Web Servers are used as data centres to host and run a website. When it comes to buying a hosting space to host & run a website there are following options available in this fast changing era of technology: -
a. Shared Hosting
b. Cloud hosting
c. Virtual Private Servers and
d. Dedicated servers
The first three come precompiled and ready to use with required software & services running on it and the owner does not get 100% administration access for the same. Whereas Dedicated Web Servers come with administrative access and can be managed by its owner. In case of dedicated servers the owners can install new software on the server as the need be plus maintain it and keep upgrading it for new patches and updates.
Why there is a need for a dedicated server: -

  • Efficient management and security of increasing database, user files and site scripts
  • Giving a fast and quick platform to users of the website as with the dedicated server all its resources are dedicated to serve the users of your website.
  • Model of the website, if you are hosting a site that is going to stream videos or is running the live web cam feeds or any need that requires any specific component to run the website or needs high resources to make it run.
  • More flexibility and control over content, data, scripting and users of the website. Our team of experienced Web Server Administrators offer their skill and experience to our clients to setup and manage their dedicated servers for them. Setting up of dedicated web server primarily includes: -
    • Configuring the web server (Apache or IIS)
    • Setting up domain(s) on it
    • Configuring databases
    • Installing and configuring additional components which are required for the website to run.
    • Configuring emails accounts
    • Configuring backup rules for automated backup of important data
    • Implementing SSL for encryption

Once the web server is ready and is being used then the maintenance activities includes: -

  • Regular checking of the servers to ensure all the services is working fine
  • Reviewing logs to analysis if there are any non-authorized accesses are being tried on the server.
  • Adding new email accounts
  • Installing the updates to ensure the server is being patched for new vulnerabilities
  • Port monitoring
  • Ensuring backup are being done properly
  • Restoring the backups when the need is
  • Troubleshooting problems if any in the running of the website due to the server

Onsite Services

Clairvoyance Technologies provides companies with a full range of Onsite Services and IT development outsourcing. Custom Software Development Services
With years of experience developing solutions for customer self-service, content management, CRM, data warehousing, and more, our services include:

  • Application and software development outsourcing
  • Custom software development
  • System upgrades and integration
  • IT project management
  • IT staffing and consulting

In addition, Clairvoyance Technologies has specific domain expertise in healthcare, finance, and telecommunications. And yet, our methods are industry agnostic and can be easily and successfully applied to any IT project.
Plus, depending on the project or your preference, our custom software development services and outsourcing solutions can be deployed onsite, offsite, or offshore, giving you as much control during an engagement as you want.
With offices in Nagaland and other parts of North East States, you can take advantage of offshore cost savings, the abundance of expert resources, and yet still pick up the phone and talk with your local representative. Our global delivery model speeds development, ensures quality and reduces your cost.

Template Design

Making information based and well-structured template is the first step in business promotion. Web site templates are pre-made designs, which can be easily customized to reflect your company's branding. There are mainly two segregated sections in template designing, the 1st one, in (.dwt ) extension based design and the 2nd one is, pre-design website layout design. A web template is a website design which is coded in HTML. Basically, it consistent of two pages, one is called Index page which have crawled by search engines crawler and the second one page is called sub-page i.e. content page which is functional for all the subsequent pages. You can use the web template for your business purpose conveniently by changing into the design part at an affordable cost. That is the main reason, why you need a professional template designer, who can make appropriate changes into it, to suite your business requirements. A well design web template is ideal for ecommerce. Are you looking for ecommerce web templates? You are at the right place.

Our Expertise in Web Template Design

Clairvoyance Technologies is an India based web designer company, and has a well-reputation in web design, development and search engine optimization. Our web designer provides highly cost-effective and timely services in template designing. Our professional website template designs are original and different, which means it has been created from scratch and is not inspired from any of the existing website templates, which is available right now on the web. Our designed web templates, open source theme templates, flash templates, ecommerce web templates, and all other products are completely custom made and customizable to integrate in website, blogs, and much more.
Our web template designer team always tries their best to provide you with web templates design of premium quality. Our web design team is well qualified and is in-tuned with the latest template designing trends. We will show you the best, relevant readymade template and you are just supposed to add your own product's images, logo, text and upload the web site, and see the result. We are absolutely confident that our web template will improve your business prospects in a more positive way. Over the years, our web designer has designed a lot of web templates for different business domains, and they have the special expertise in ecommerce web template design.

Data Management

The most crucial and important part of successful business is creation and maintenance of database or maintenance of data. Organizational database serves as a backbone for any kind of business and requires continues support of database experts. We at Softgainz technologies with 5+ years of experience for database management, database support and maintenance can help you for your optimal database support requirements.

Application Database

Due to rapid increase in database driven applications, more and more importance is given to the database maintenance and support activities in terms of storing, retrieving, maintenance and security of data. As these databases provide real time data to the applications, database downtime will really degrade the performance of the application. We can help you to address the need of continuous availability of your business applications database. Few of our services for application database include:
Database Restore & Backup services
Database Administration
Database Trouble-shooting
Database Monitoring
Database Maintenance and support

Marketing Database

Clairvoyance Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides services that enable you to increase the marketing value of your data. We combine your data into a single marketing database, which will help you to understand your potential customers and also track their buying habits. We provide flexible and affordable services you need to improve your ROI. Clairvoyance Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has the expertise to help you achieve your marketing goal by building a cohesive marketing database. We can help you for the monthly or quarterly Updates of your files. We can also provide you all the relevant database services to improve your list accuracy and enhance results through list segmentation.

Few of our database services includes:

Database design & development
Files imports/updates (Fixed length, Tab delimited, comma delimited formats)
Clean up your database and remove junk records
Back-end response analysis
Create your own list marketing database

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