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As custom high-performance applications with integrated web presence and functionality become the core revenue generator for many businesses, having an innovative technology and Internet marketing partner is critical. Clairvoyance is the partner you need to navigate your company through the rapidly changing world of technology.

Whatever the level of difficulty, each client relationship benefits from our unique approach. First, we learn your business as if it was our own to thoroughly understand your core objectives. We identify opportunities and provide solutions that put your company in the best position to meet your customer's needs and wants. Better than and before your competition does. SEO web design company for search engine friendly website designingWe understand the importance of providing you the greatest return on investment. Whether you measure those returns in increased sales, improved customer education, better brand awareness, or others, we make sure that we develop solutions that give you the vital information needed to move your business forward as quickly as possible.

Go ahead and experience yourself the ease that comes complimentary with our customised solutions that exceeds your goals, and most importantly, your customers' expectations. Listed are the online catalogues for few of our solutions

Clairvoyance Group of Companies


Enter the world of authentic Indian and chinese cuisine set amidst the serene yet luxurious atmosphere of JAT (Just Another Taste). JAT offers impeccably crafted dishes from a select menu ranging from the popular to the unusual for discerning diners, who understand the value of a meal cooked to perfection. Listen to the soft strains of music from another era as you savour the subtle flavours of Sub-continental dishes perfected by our team of chefs – they have even prepared meals for royalty! Treat yourself to an experience fit for kings and queens......

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Since 2003, Neisakholie Rupreo & Company (NRCO) has been setting the industry standard for performance and technical innovation in geotechnical construction. As the North Eastern Company part of Clairvoyance Group, and class - 1 contractor, NRCO is part of a North East network of unparalleled geotechnical resources and expertise, specializing in deep foundations, earth retention, ground treatment, highways and ground improvement. Our team of construction professionals offers a single source solution for all of your construction related needs.And our network of local offices enables us to offer our clients the dual advantage of a strong local presence and broad geographic reach........

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